Part 1 The Natural Hormone Method – Back To Basics Webinar

Back To Basics This webinar covers the basics, how your period works. This is something that comes up for me in clinic ALOT, and I find that many Women have never been taught how their period works. And to fully understand what may be affecting your cycle, we must first understand how it’s meant to look. Are you experiencing: Irregular Cycles Mood Imbalances: Anxiety & Depression PMS Heavy or Light Menstrual Bleeding Clotting Pain & …

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The Re-Align Retreat

The Re-Align Retreat is for anyone who is wanting to achieve holistic support through physical, mental and emotional support, as well as learning how and why your body may exhibit certain symptoms (and most importantly, how to support them in your lifestyle) Are you? Experiencing irregular Hormone symptoms? Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed? Going through peri-menopause/ menopause? Experiencing recurrent colds & flu’s? Wanting to connect with other people in your community? Looking for simple and …

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Back To Self Webinar

The Back To Self Webinar is all about learning how and why to look after the whole you, so you can get back to your self. In this educational Webinar we will talk all about Why it is important to recognise that your Body & Mind are one and the same, and why it is important to treat BOTH of these aspects when looking to support you. How Self limiting beliefs, your inner child and …

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