What is Naturopathy?


What is it?

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Naturopathy utilises knowledge in natural medicine, anatomy/ physiology and up-to-date information on multiple conditions in order to bring you back to balance. Naturopathy is a holistic practice that not only focuses on the specific ailment, but will also address any precipitating factors that may be contributing to  your condition.

Naturopathy is successful partly because of the rigorous education practitioners receive, partly because of the quality of the supplements practitioners use and partly because of the 6 core Naturopathic principles that have shaped this modality since its beginning. These include:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Use the healing power of nature
  3. Identify and treat the causes
  4. Practitioner as teacher
  5. Treat the whole person
  6. Prevention

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine utilises the healing power of herbs, whether in tincture, tea or capsule form. Herbs have been used for centuries to treat illness and many herbs have strong and reliable scientific evidence to support their actions. At SCNH we have a full herbal dispensary that allows us to create individualised herbal medicines.


Dietary advice is integral to Naturopathic medicine and is backed up by scientific evidence and experience. Dietary interventions are required to achieve health and your Naturopath will tailor dietary advice suited to your health goals and symptoms. But nothing fancy here! At SCNH we strive to fit in with your dietary requirements, skill, taste and religion.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine describes the use of single nutrients isolated from various sources and prescribed in scientifically proved dosages in order to treat conditions, deficiencies or improve symptoms. Nutritional medicine has strong scientific evidence for its use. At SCNH we use nutritional supplements as well as compounding to create a treatment suited to your health complaints.


Lifestyle advice doesn't just involve exercise, although this is very important for many health outcomes. Lifestyle advice may also involve sleep hygiene, self care, environment and addressing toxic burden- depending on what your goals or health conditions are. At SCNH we understand that each persons lifestyles are vastly different from the next- that is why we spend the time with you getting to know what will suit your health, but will also fit into your life.

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