functional pathology testing

What is it?

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Not heard of Functional Pathology before? It is how we, at SCNH dive deeper into understanding the causal factors of your health symptoms. Functional pathology testing aims to investigate biochemical, metabolic, hormonal & nutritional processes that may be underlying your condition. 


Why do Functional Testing?

Functional testing is slightly different from the normal pathology testing you may receive from you GP or specialist- as it looks at how your body is functioning within particular systems. This is effective in Naturopathic Practice as it presents a highly detailed insight into what your body is doing now- and how it is functioning.

Does SCNH do regular blood pathology testing?

We certainly do, we have a few options for undertaking regular pathology tests to analyse certain markers such as iron, b12, zinc, liver function testing and so on. Your Naturopath will either send you direct to a laboratory for these tests or send you away with a letter of referral to take to your GP.

Why would my Naturopath send me for testing?

Testing can be vital to determine the underlying causes of your health conditions. Often, people have multiple symptoms, complex health histories and/or potential unknown hidden factors that may be triggering signs and symptoms. Our goal at SCNH is not to guess. We want to know exactly what is happening within your body by using accurate and high quality pathology testing so that we can treat your individual make-up accordingly. We have found from experience that guess work often increases treatment length and doesn’t allow for quality care- because how can we possibly know EVERYTHING from asking questions? We can gauge what is happening and link symptoms, diet and lifestyle factors, but until we use pathology testing as a tool to see exactly what is going on, then we can only get so far. This doesn’t mean you need to be hit with a huge bill for testing, that is why we have SO many options available for our clients.

What kind of functional tests does SCNH do?

At SCNH we have access to a large range of Functional Pathology Testing. Some common testing we do includes

Comprehensive Stool Testing

Comprehensive Stool Testing looks at the function of your digestive system - from digestive enzymes to specific pathogens and good bacteria present in your gut. At SCNH we offer a wide range of Stool testing options, allowing us to facilitate for all signs, symptoms and health concerns.

Cortisol Mapping

Just like testing for Salivary sex hormones, we do cortisol testing via saliva, allowing for more accurate results. Cortisol mapping gives us your cortisol levels throughout the day- and presents us with a detailed graph of what your cortisol is doing.

Salivary Male & Female Sex Hormones

We test your hormones via saliva, research has found that this is more accurate than blood hormones as they are unbound & bioavailable in the saliva. Salivary hormone testing also allows us to look at your three types of oestrogen, E1, E2 & E3, giving us more information about what your hormones are doing.

Food Intolerance, Allergy & ALCAT testing

Have you ever suspected food being an issue for you? At SCNH we offer many different tests to assess how your body reacts to certain foods- looking at combinations of food from 96- 200 different foods. Your Naturopath understands each test and which are more effective for certain conditions, so that you can be assured the correct food test is provided to you.

And Many More...

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