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Our focus at SCNH is to find the answers to your health problems; with functional pathology options, experienced treatment plans and a focus on education. Our Goal is to discover the underlying cause of your health conditions.

Our key Naturopathic goals at SCNH

At SCNH we are passionate about natural health solutions, as well as integrating the strengths between complimentary and western medicine practices. With scientifically proven natural medicines, lifestyle and dietary interventions being at the core of our practice, you can be assured that your health concerns will be thoroughly investigated and treated with an individualised approach to health.

affordable natural health care

results driven

to identify underlying drivers of health conditions

individualised care

treat with scientifically validated natural interventions

simplistic yet effective recommendations to suit the patients health needs and lifestyle

Free Naturopathy consultations offered at Sunshine Coast Natural Health

Want to know more about what Naturopathy can do for you here at SCNH?


One-on-one health assessment

A chance to talk about your health concerns

Further information about treatment options, testing and consultation pricing

Can be delivered over the phone or via video consultation

Hi, I'm Kirra

Naturopath, Mum and Founder of SCNH

Education is Important to Us
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Kirra Morrill

Managing your stress may be the key to hormone balance

Stress… we hear the word all the time. But do we actually know what it means? And do we even realise how much of an effect it can have on the health of our hormones? Probably not. And Stress can be a major driver for hormonal symptoms. I’m sorry, but I can’t just prescribe you a month-long holiday – I probably couldn’t anyway even if I wanted to… thanks, COVID. You may be thinking, yeah

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Basal Body Temperature Tracking
Kirra Morrill

Basal Body Temperature Tracking

Basal body temperature tracking is an effective way to manage and track your menstrual cycles. BBT Tracking allows women to clearly see when in their cycle they are ovulating, this is important for many reasons including:

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